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Lapel Stick

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What can the LAPEL sticks be used for?
Temporarily fixing a fallen hem, closing gaping buttons, securing shirt collars, smoothing down bulging pockets, securing slipping straps, alternative to baste stitching, decorating costumes, many quilting techniques, keeping cuffs in place, and sewing or craft projects.
Temporary non-toxic acid-free fabric adhesive that goes on in seconds and dries clear for Quilting, Sewing, Crafting, and Embroidery – replaces baste stitching, pinning, tapes, spray adhesives, and stabilizers. No more messy sprays or getting stuck with pins and it won’t gum up your needles or machines! LAPEL Stick is water soluble and safe to use on cottons, wool, polyester, blends, felt, linen, and leather.

How is LAPEL stick different than regular glue sticks?
LAPEL stick is safe for fabrics and will come out in a standard wash without damaging the fabric. A temporary fabric adhesive that is non toxic, won’t bleed, or leave an odor.

How many applications do I get per stick?
The exact number will vary depending on the amount of product required for the type of fabric you are sticking and the amount of fabric – average is 200 uses per stick.

Will LAPEL stick gum up my sewing machine?
No, LAPEL stick is safe to use for quilting and sewing projects and will not gum up your machine.

Will LAPEL stick “bleed through” or discolour fabrics?
No, LAPEL stick will not bleed through or discolour fabrics.

How long will LAPEL stick hold a hem or fabric in place?
Fabric will be held in place until it is washed, LAPEL stick is a temporary adhesive.


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Take a look at this playlist with ways to use the lapel stick.

In this video, Joshua Doan introduces some of the many uses of Lapel Stick:




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