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How do I become a wholesaler with Missouri Star Quilt Company?

To become a member of the MSQC wholesale family, fill in the form found here:



This is the info you’ll need:

Business Name

Your Name

Business Email

Business Phone #

Shipping Address

Billing Address

State resale license #

Copy of State resale license form (attached as a pdf or image).

Company Website

Company Facebook Page

We require a copy of your state resale license for our files before you can become an MSQC wholesale partner. You can mail it, scan & email it, or fax it. NOTE: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not collect sales tax, so if you live in any of those states then we do NOT require a resale license from you. We do, however, require some documentation that you are in business selling quilting products, fabric, or some other similar enterprise to set up a wholesale account.

If you are an international customer, we do require your resale license number and some documentation indicating that you are in business as a quilt shop or similar enterprise in order to set up a wholesale account. Generally a copy of your business license will do. Please provide a translation of the relevant text.

What is a Resale License?

A state resale license is issued by the state in which you do business and registers you as a wholesale business with your state tax agency. This permit is called different things in different states. For example, the California license is called a Seller’s Permit issued by the State Board of Equalization. In New York, it’s called a Certificate of Authority issued by the Department of Taxation and Finance.

A Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is not sufficient for setting up a wholesale account. We require the resale permit number issued by your State tax agency. If you live in a state that does not collect sales tax, like Alaska or Oregon, we will accept your city business license. For international customers, the number of the business license you have in your country is sufficient.

Even if a wholesale customer is only selling products wholesale (and not retail, so therefore is not charging or collecting sales tax), we still require a wholesale customer to have resale license to make wholesale purchases.

For California wholesale customers, we need a signed copy of the Resale Certificate form in our office for wholesale accounts.


Please download the form, print, fill out the information and scan and email it to wholesale@missouriquiltco.com.


We need a hard copy of your State Resale License on file in our office. Email it to wholesale@missouriquiltco.com. A scan or simply a clear, legible image will do. If your state does not charge sales tax, (Alaska, Delaware, Oregon, New Hampshire, or Montana, for example) then it will probably issue some type of Business License that will serve the same purpose. Please check your state’s website. The following links may be helpful:





New Hampshire



Please enter the number of the resale license issued by your country. We also need a hard copy of your business license on file in our office. Email it to wholesale@missouriquiltco.com. A scan or simply a clear, legible image will do.

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