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BLOCK Magazine, Summer Vol 2 Issue 5

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Here at MSQC we are getting ready to send out the new BLOCK Magazine, Summer Vol 2 Issue 5. We have attached two pictures of what the cover and Table of Contents of this new issue will look like. Our estimated shipping date is sometime in the last week of October.

Wholesale pricing: $3.25 ea.
Minimum Order: 12


Here’s a picture of the cover:

BLOCK111 Cover

And the table of contents:



Block111 TOC


And the project pages:


Block111Project_001   Block111Project_002Block111Project_003 Block111Project_004Block111Project_005

We hope this helps you prepare for when your customers come running to get the latest issue of BLOCK!! Planning a big “BLOCK Party”? Send us some pictures: wholesale@missouriquiltco.com.


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